BOE Unveils the World's First 55-Inch UHD AMQLED Display

BOE Unveils the World's First 55-Inch UHD AMQLED Display

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE) recently released its 55-inch 4K active-matrix quantum dot light-emitting diode (AMQLED) display, the first of its kind in the world. This marks another milestone the display maker has achieved in the field of electroluminescent quantum dots following the launch of its high-resolution quantum light-emitting diode (QLED) technology at the beginning of this year.

Quantum dot technology has made its way into display products including photoluminescent quantum dot-based backlight unit (QD-BLU) and electroluminescent AMQLED. AMQLED displays do not require a backlight; instead, quantum dots can emit light themselves when stimulated by current.

AMQLED displays present a variety of advantages such as self-emitting, a wide color gamut, and a long lifetime, representing the development trend of quantum dot displays. Additionally, the R&D of large quantum dot printing technology and products is a focus of attention in the industry.

Through technological innovation, BOE has made major breakthroughs in the uniformity and stability during large-size quantum dot printing. Based on its cutting-edge electroluminescent quantum dot technology, BOE's first-ever 55-inch 4K AMQLED display features a resolution of 3840×2160, a color gamut of 119% NTSC, and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, having a broad application prospect in the field of large-size displays.

BOE is a world leading player in the field of quantum dot electroluminescent research and development. In 2017 BOE launched 5-inch and 14-inch AMQLED prototypes fabricated by inkjet printing, which won the Best in Show award in 2017 SID Display Week. As a global leader in the semiconductor display industry, BOE keeps close watch on frontier display technologies and is committed to bringing its innovative display products and solutions to myriads of scenarios, thereby delivering the best visual experiences to users.

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