Gerdau Graphene Partners with Packseven to Release Graphene Stretch Film

Gerdau Graphene Partners with Packseven to Release Graphene Stretch Film

Gerdau Graphene has announced that Packseven, one of Brazil’s largest flexible film makers, will be commercializing what they define as 'the world's first graphene-enhanced stretch film'. It is expected to be made available for sale in Q3 2023.

The new ultra-thin film, developed using Gerdau Graphene’s specialized graphene additive technology, is said to be significantly thinner and more durable: initial testing revealed that the new films could pack 120% more material without breaking compared with comparable flexible films. More durable stretch films reduce consumption of the material per pallet and increase safety in packing and loading. 

"Integrating graphene into our stretch film enhances its known properties, such as increasing its resistance to sharp objects that could pierce it. On top of that, it's more efficient – you use less of it when stretching, which means a big jump in cargo safety,” said Kléber Ávila, CEO of Packseven. “Our goal is to provide a more durable film to the market and we think this will set a new bar for quality, delivering numerous benefits to transportation, storage, and all sorts of packaging needs.”

“The addition of graphene to polyethylene plastic films has shown gains in material resistance, making it possible to significantly reduce the thickness of the film. The addition of graphene thus allows for a performance gain combined with a more sustainable material due to the reduction of virgin plastic and/or the increase of recycled plastic in the composition of the final product,” said Flavia Zangrandi, Head of Product Development at Gerdau Graphene. “Gerdau Graphene’s mission is to harness the power of graphene for industrial applications and our partnership with Packseven will deliver the next-generation of high-performance, low-weight films to the market.”

Gerdau Graphene recently announced the commercial availability of its Poly-G polyethylene masterbatch, a graphene-enhanced additive for plastic resins suitable for the production of films, profiles, and sheets formed through the extrusion processes. The new thermoplastic products created using Poly-G are said to be stronger and offer greater overall performance while costing less to manufacture and producing significantly less waste across the value chain. Poly-G was piloted in a series of industrial applications within Gerdau’s factories before commercialization, including as a film for construction nail packaging. Gerdau found that by using the new, 25% thinner graphene-enhanced plastic film, far fewer nails perforated the packaging. As a result, Gerdau reported a 39% reduction in the volume of discarded damaged packaging and a 7% increase in film productivity.

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