About us


Why We Do

Nanotechnology has opened the door to a world of innovative applications which were once only possible in science fiction. Its convergence with various technologies such as biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science has been progressively impacting a wide range of industries, thereby playing a pivotal role in the advancement of future industries to the extent that it can be said:


Nanotechnology is not part of the future; it builds the whole future!



Active involvement in the nano world necessitates making numerous decisions every single day; it is therefore of crucial importance to acquire a profound knowledge and track the latest developments in the fields of science, technology, innovation, and business. In-depth understanding of these fields requires access to the facts gathered based on reliable data and authentic information.


Data science will revolutionize our learning in the nano world.


The active generation and dissemination of ever-growing amounts of data, on the one hand, and the rapid rise of Big Data along with the continuous introduction of new AI technologies, on the other, have drastically altered the information world over the recent years. Hence, having a tool to receive the latest information and detailed analyses of the nano world in order to observe the major trends of this field greatly accelerates the decision-making process.




Our Vision

 We provide everything you need to know about the nano world to make smart moves.




What We Do

● We identify reliable information sources from both industry and academia, and collect their nanotechnology-related contents.
● We classify and analyze the data stored on StatNano data warehouse using new tools and methods to provide valuable information.
● We enable users to access the processed information of global nanotechnology databases.
● We seek to capitalize on the capabilities provided by information and communication technology and artificial intelligence.
● We particularly focus on the convergence of nanotechnology with other emerging technologies such as biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive technology.




Our Services

● Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Indicators’ Database
Over 30 STI indicators relating to nanotechnology are monitored for more than 100 countries and 400 universities and research organizations according to these indicators.

● Global Nanotechnology Databases
Global nanotechnology databases include the databases of nanotechnology companies and products, national nanotechnology standards, universities and research centers, nanomaterials, as well as different countries’ policy documents and national development plans in the field of nanotechnology.

● Newsroom (NBIC+)
We gather the latest news and analyses of nanotechnology development from around the world, and report them with focus on the convergence of nanotechnology with other technologies such as biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science.

● Research and Analysis
We publish statistical and analytical reports on nanotechnology issues.

● Events
We announce a multitude of nanotechnology events taking place around the world such as conferences, congresses, exhibitions, workshops, summer schools, technology matchmakings, start-up challenges, etc.




Our Movement

2010 - Launch
The initial StatNano team was built and launched the StatNano project.

2011 - Monitoring STI Indicators
Science and technology development indicators were defined and monitored for different countries using scientometric methodology.

2013 - Feasibility Study for the Development of Reference Databases
Gap analysis was performed and the start-up process for launching global nanotechnology databases began.

2014 - Launch of Global Nanotechnology Databases
Three databases covering national and international nanotechnology standards, global nanotechnology events, and different countries’ policy documents and national development plans were launched.

2015 - Establishment of the Database of Organizations and Companies Involved in Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology products’ database was launched.

2016 - Launch of Nanomaterials’ Information and Statistics Database

2017 - Establishment of StatNano’s Regional Offices

2019 - Artificial Intelligence Research and Development
Extensive research is being conducted to take advantage of artificial intelligence for gathering and analyzing data and information.




StatNano’s Citations

The most important citations:

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StatNano’s Offices

● StatNano Sweden (European Office)
   Ideon Science Park, Lund, Sweden

● StatNano China (East Asian Office)
   Nanopolis Suzhou, Jiangsu, PRC

● StatNano Iran (West Asian Office)
   Tech-Market Services Corridor, Tehran, Iran


E-mail: [email protected]