Definitions & Methodology of Data Collection: Nanotechnology Products Database



Nanotechnology Products Database contains wide-ranging information about nanotechnology-based products delivered to markets and traded throughout the world. The mission of this database is to monitor the nanotechnology market by finding products manufactured utilizing this technology and commercialized by active companies. General information such as the name of the product, its commercial brand name, manufacturer as well as technical information such as utilized nanomaterials, the product's properties and applications, related standards and licenses are disseminated in this database. The audiences of this section include academic researchers, manufacturers and policy-makers.  ctive companies. oducts based on ts monitiorinf the market of nanotechnnd sold blisher organizarion's website  

Sources and the Method of Data Collection

In order to collect required data, nanotechnology-based products are classified according to the industrial sectors. For every sector, a feasibility document is provided. Based on keywords listed in this document, detailed and extensive search would be executed via the Internet and the required information are identified and recorded for each product. During the search, keywords get updated and modified and more accurate phrases will be used for web-based search. Finally, the feasibility document will be modified and the updated keywords will be recorded for next rounds of search.

The main requirement at the time of search is the product's being related to nanotechnology. This relationship is verified by claims of the manufacturer as well as Statnano's experts according to the world-wide reliable standards such as ISO/TS 80004-1:2015 and ISO/TS 18110:2015.
Another requirement is that the manufacturer company owns an active website in English language and the considered product has been presented in the website. In addition, only those final products delivered to markets for sell will be considered and recorded in the database.

For every product, the following information will be extracted and disseminated:


General Information

  • Name of the product
  • Its commercial brand name
  • The manufacturer
  • Manufacturing location
  • Manufactures' website and the product's webpage
  • The kind of the product
  • Related sector and industry
  • Product' images
  • The condition of the product in the market

Technical information

  • Utilized nanomaterials
  • Product's properties
  • Product's applications
  • Standards and licenses obtained by the manufacturer


The manufacturers' website are the main sources for collecting the mentioned information. Monitoring market reports as well as catalogues distributed at professional fairs are considered as clues for finding new products, however, just those product will be recorded in the database that have webpages on the manufacture company's website.

The nanotechnology product database was unveiled on January 2016 and the first set of data related to the textile and construction industries was collected in 2015. For every sector, products are reviewed periodically to see if a product's information has been deleted in the manufacturer's website or the production has been discontinued. In such situations, the related information will be modified in the database. As another source for renewed information, manufacturers can submit their own claims about their products directly via the "Submission" link accessible at the homepage of the database website. Such claims are considered carefully by Statnnao experts and will be added to the database after their (probable) confirmation.