Definitions & Methodology of Data Collection: Nanotechnology Events Database



Nanotechnology events database is a dynamic collection of different sorts of international events held in the field of nanotechnology by various institutions. The mission of this section is to monitor and introduce important events in the field throughout the world. Key information about events in the following 12 months such as the title of events, their date and location, the kind and subjects of events as well as the organizers are recorded in the database and presented to the audiences. This section was unveiled in 2013 and is updated monthly.

Sources and the Method of Data Collection

Nanotechnology events are found using a set of related keywords for search through the Internet. Our main source are event websites such as Allconferences, Conferenceseries, Alliedacademies, Allconferencealert, 10times, Euroscicon, Conferencealerts, Setcor, Eventseye, Waset, Rsc and  Omicsonline. In addition, websites of organizations responsible for development of nanotechnology in active countries, academic and research institutions and well-known international nanotechnology fair (e.g. in USA, Russia, Japan, China, Iran etc.) are considered periodically.  


Renowned international events of different sorts including fairs, conference, congresses, seminars, symposia, forums, meetings, educational workshops, matchmaking events, challenges and contests whose information are accessible in English language in the related websites are found and their key information are recorded in the database. The crucial criterion is that either the event is specifically held in the field of nanotechnology or this technology will be the subject of one of the main sections of the event. Our indicator for an event's being international is that either this point is reflected explicitly in the title of an event or there are content available in the related website regarding the issue of passport and VISA registration.


The recorded information in the database relies completely on the content published in websites devoted to the events or the websites of events' organizers. Hence, Hence, the publishers of original announcements are responsible for the validity and accuracy of released information. In order to prevent any mistake or oversight at the time of recording information, after initial registration and before final dissemination in Statnano website, our experts reconsider all extracted information carefully. Particularly, since the timing of some future events may change, the related information are reviewed monthly.