Saudi Arabia Policy Document

Strategic Priorities for Nanotechnology Program

2008 - 2012
Policy Type Plan & Program
Coverage Level National


To create a multidisciplinary program leveraging all branches of science in order to build competence and capability in nanotechnologies that will help to ensure the future competitiveness of the Kingdom.


To ensure that the Kingdom is a major player within the international community in the research and development of nanotechnologies. By taking a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to nanotechnology, the plan will foster academic excellence and ensure that world-class research and development facilities are available to all parts of the economy, from academic institutions to industry, with a strong focus on supporting the future economic strategy of the Kingdom and transferring technologies from the research community to industry.


  • Ministry of Economy and Planning


National priority Poverty Reduction
National priority Key Technology Platforms (including biotechnology and ICT)
National priority Chemical and Bio-Processing
National priority Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
National priority Leveraging Resource-based Industries
Priority sector Water
Priority sector Energy
Priority sector Mining and Minerals
Priority sector Health


Saudi Arabia Ministry of Economy and Planning