13th Advanced Surface Technology Exhibition & Conference (ASTEC2018)

13th Advanced Surface Technology Exhibition & Conference (ASTEC2018)

Location Japan Japan - Tokyo
Start Date Feb 14, 2018
End Date Feb 16, 2018
Event Type Conference & Expo
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Others



 - Surface Processing /Coating /Joint Technology 
rheology,water shedding / hydrophilic surface processing, plating, alumite, grinding / polish, blast processing, YAG laser welding, CMP, etching, embossment, nano scale barrier film, LB film, nano lubricating film, nano porous membrane, ceramics / titanium / fluorine coating, DLC coating, UV / EB photo hardening, dye / wire bonding, friction stir joint, friction pressure welding, adhesive / bonding / separation and normal temperature joint

 - Materials 
gold / silver colloid, functional nano thin film, insulator thin film, conductive materials, organic electro luminescence, electromagnetic pulse shield materials, photo catalyst, photonic crystal, intelligent materials, various catalyst, cell sheet, biocompatible materials, surface-active agent, paints / painting, anti-fouling / anti-bacterium materials, water shedding / hydrophilic materials, functional polymer functional monomer / origomer, optical barrier film / plastic / coating agent, EB hardening ink, photonic polymerization initiator, paper friction materials, plastic for precision machine and slurry

 - Surface Processing /Manufacturing /Measuring Instruments 
surface tension / shape / roughness measuring instruments, corona / ozone / plasma surface processing instruments, rheology-related equipment, contact angle measuring instruments, film thickness measuring instruments, anti-static instruments, laminating machine, thin film coater, wafer fabrication/ polishing instruments, thickness / viscosity various controller, UV lamp, CVD instruments sputtering / photo resist processing instruments, photolithography machine, EB radiation instruments, spin developer, EB lithography devices, ion implantation system, etching devices, nano imprint, resist separation devices and electron microscope

 - Products /Electronic Parts 
SED, FED, flat panel, organic electro luminescence display, various coating products, ink jet, photonic disc, photonic switch / sensor various devices, contactless IC chip, hard disc, hologram, IC card, magnet, anti-counterfeit / security / attestation various products, fuel cell, magnetic tape filter, thin film lithium ion rechargeable battery and solar battery