3rd World Congress & Expo on Oil, Gas & Petroleum Engineering (WCEOGPE-2018)

3rd World Congress & Expo on Oil, Gas & Petroleum Engineering (WCEOGPE-2018)

Location UAE UAE - Dubai
Start Date Apr 16, 2018
End Date Apr 17, 2018
Event Type Conference & Expo
Subject Area Oil - Gas - Petrochemical


WCEOGPE-2018 is anticipating participants from 40 and more countries across the globe and the three day conference will provoke Plenary sessions, Keynote speeches, Poster, and Oral presentations. This program provides three days of robust discussions on recent advancements and new strategies for development of new materials for global requirements.

Theme: Pioneering Revolutionary Technologies in Oil, Gas & Petroleum Industries


- Renewable Energy Sources
- Oil, Gas & Water Management
- Petroleum Exploration & Field Management
- Petroleum Engineering
- Energy and Environment Nexus
- Coal and Natural Gas
- Sustainable Energy Technologies
- Chemical Reaction Engineering and its Applications
- Nano Science Technology
- Chemical Applications in Producing Oil and Gas
- Reservoir Engineering
- Modeling and Simulation Technologies
- Geology & Exploration
- Petrochemistry in Industries
- Trends in Natural Resources
- Sustainable Business in Petrochemical Industries
- Conventional & Unconventional Resources
- Recent Advancements in Petrochemistry