10th International Conference on Quantum Dots (QD 2018)

10th International Conference on Quantum Dots (QD 2018)

Location Canada Canada - Toronto
Start Date Jun 25, 2018
End Date Jun 29, 2018
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanomaterials Nano Optics - Nanophotonics New energy - Renewable energy Others


QD2018 is the Tenth International Conference on Quantum Dots, the leading conference on quantum dot research. QD2018 will gather 500 of the world’s leading quantum dot researchers from epitaxial, colloidal, and lateral quantum dot communities.


- Quantum Dot Theory
- Quantum Dot Spin
- Analytical Techniques
- Quantum Optics and Magneto-Optics
- Quantum Dot Coherence
- Exciton/Charge Carrier Dynamics

- Hybrid Quantum Dot Systems
- Material Growth and Fabrication Techniques
- Emerging Materials and Synthesis
- Nanoplatelets and Superstructures

- Energy Harvesting
- Sensors and Detectors
- Light Emission
- Quantum Information Technology and Quantum Computing
- Bio Applications