2018 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development and Green Technology (SDGT 2018)

2018 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development and Green Technology (SDGT 2018)

Location Taiwan Taiwan - Taichung
Start Date Oct 19, 2018
End Date Oct 21, 2018
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanomaterials Others


SDGT 2018 focuses on the sustainable development and green technology. The applications of sustainable development and green technology to such domains as Sustainability Science, Innovative Technology and Sustainability Engineering, Textiles and Clothing Sustainability et al. It is a technical congregation where the latest theoretical and technological advances are presented and discussed. We expect that the conference and its publications will be a trigger for further related research and technology improvements in this important subject.


   Sustainability Science:

 - Environmental and Applied Science
 - Agricultural and Food Science
 - Materials Science and Materials Technology
 - Climate Change
 - Air pollution control and equipment
 - Bio fuels
 - Ecosystem Restoration
 - Ecosystems Management
 - Energy and Environment Energy Policy, Planning & Managemen

   Innovative Technology and Sustainability Engineering:

 - Smart and New Technologies for Electrical Engineering
 - Electronics, Computer and Communication Engineering
 - Renewable Energy/ Clean Energy/ Green energy
 - Clean Coal Technology
 - Alternative Energy and Thermal Engineering
 - Energy Management Technology and Green Building
 - Green Manufacturing, Zero Waste to Landfill and Recycle Technology
 - Wind Energy
 - Solar Energy 
 - Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development
 - Hazardous waste and waste treatment
 - Innovative clean technologies
 - Legal, economic and managerial aspects of solid waste management
 - Management of ecosystems, environment and water resources
 - Nuclear Energy Fission & Fusion
 - Resource management
 - Rural development
 - Solid waste Management
 - Sustainable Development and Education
 - Water pollution and treatment

   Textiles and Clothing Sustainability:

 - Textile Chemistry and Finishing
 - Textile Technology and Innovation
 - Eco Textile

   Materials Processing Technology and Materials Science:

 - Superconducting Materials
 - Materials Testing and Evaluation
 - Building Materials
 - Energy Materials
 - Composite
 - Ceramics
 - Metal Alloy Material
 - Micro/Nano materials
 - Iron & Steel
 - Polymer
 - Optical / Electrical / Magnetic Materials
 - Materials Physics and Chemistry
 - Environmental-Friendly Materials
 - Biological Material
 - Thin Films
 - Seismic materials
 - Welding and Mechanical Connections and Fracture
 - Computer Aided Design of Materials
 - Microwave Processing of Materials
 - Chemical Materials
 - Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems
 - Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
 - Surface Engineering / Coatings Technology
 - Process Modeling, Analysis and Simulation
 - Material Processing
 - New Functional Materials
 - Material Cutting