2018 2nd International Conference on Building Materials and Materials Engineering (ICBMM 2018)

2018 2nd International Conference on Building Materials and Materials Engineering (ICBMM 2018)

Location Portugal Portugal - Lisbon
Start Date Sep 26, 2018
End Date Sep 28, 2018
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanomaterials Biology - Life science Others


ICBMM 2018 will focus on research hotspot like building materials, semiconducting materials, organic/polymer materials, nano-materials, composite materials, bio-materials and etc. The conference aims to provide opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.


 - Materials Science and Engineering
 - Metallic Alloys, Tool Materials
 - Superplastic Materials
 - Ceramics and Glasses
 - Composites
 - Amorphous Materials
 - Nanomaterials, Biomaterials
 - Multifunctional Materials
 - Smart Materials
 - Engineering Polymers
 - Functional materials
 - Nuclear fuel materials
 - Biomaterals, sensors and surfaces
 - Thin Film Chalcogenide Photovoltaic Materials
 - Nuclear Materials IV
 - Magnetic Materials

 - Materials Properties, Measuring Methods and Applications
 - Ductility, Crack Resistance, Fatigue, Creep-resistance
 - Fracture Mechanics, Mechanical Properties
 - Electrical Properties, and Magnetic Properties
 - Corrosion, Erosion, Wear Resistance
 - Non-Destructive Testing
 - Reliability Assessment, Toxicity
 - Working Properties of Materials and Products
 - Large Scale Applications, Electronics Applications

 - Materials Manufacturing and Processing
 - Casting, Powder Metallurgy
 - Welding, Sintering, Heat Treatment
 - Thermo-Chemical Treatment
 - Thin & Thick Coatings
 - Surface Treatment, Machining
 - Plastic Forming
 - Quality Assessment
 - Automation Engineering Processes

 - Civil and Structural Engineering
 - Bridge Engineering;Building Structure and Bridge Engineering;
 - Building Technology;Cartography and Geographic Information System;
 - Coastal Engineering;Computational Mechanics;
 - Construction and Control;Detection and Transformation;
 - Environment-Friendly Construction and Development;
 - Hydraulic Engineering;Material Quality and Control;
 - Metallic Structures;Monitoring and Control Of Structures;
 - Operation and Maintenance;Project Management;
 - Reliability and Durability of Structures;Road, Bridge and Railway Engineering;
 - Safety and Monitoring;Sanitary and Ground Water Engineering;
 - Seismic Engineering;Structural Analysis and Design;
 - Structural Engineering and Disaster Reduction;
 - Structural Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and Strengthening;Surveying and Geo-informatics;
 - Surveying and Photogrammetry;Surveying Engineering;
 - Transportation Engineering;Tunnel, Subway and Underground Facilities;
 - Urban Planning;Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

 - Architecture and Urban Planning
 - Architectural Design and Theories
 - Advanced Construction Materials
 - Aesthetics and Landscape
 - Architectural Design and Its Theory
 - Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering
 - Architecture and Building Materials
 - Art Design and Landscape Architecture
 - Building Energy Saving Technology
 - Building Technology Science
 - Construction and Renewable Energy Sources
 - Energy Conservation and Equipment
 - Green Building Materials
 - Green Construction and Environmental Protection
 - History and Theories of Architecture
 - Urban Planning and Design