The 2nd International Conference on Material Strength and Applied Mechanics (MSAM 2019)

The 2nd International Conference on Material Strength and Applied Mechanics (MSAM 2019)

Location Ukraine Ukraine - Kiev
Start Date May 27, 2019
End Date May 30, 2019
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanomaterials Nano Engineering


MSAM 2019 will represent a broad forum for all aspects of material strength to promote our fundamental understanding of material strength under different conditions. MSAM 2019 will also provide an opportunity to present and discuss recent analytical, experimental and computational results in the field of Applied Mechanics to bridge the gap between physical theory and its application to technology. The plenary session will include Keynote Speeches, Invited Speeches, Poster Presentations and Oral Presentations. 


 - Strength of Materials
 - Fatigue
 - Stress Analysis
 - Solid Mechanics
 - Fracture Mechanics
 - Cyclic Deformation
 - High Strength Alloys
 - Ductile and Brittle Fracture
 - Mechanics of Nano-materials
 - Mechanics of Biomaterials
 - Materials Forming
 - Plastic Deformation
 - Phase Transformations
 - Materials Engineering
 - Notch Mechanics
 - Mechanics of Metals
 - High Temperature Deformation
 - Adhesion and Interfacial Strength
 - Numerical Methods and Optimal Design of Structures
 - Applied Mechanics
 - Vibration
 - Contact Mechanics
 - Structural Mechanics
 - Particle Mechanics
 - Boundary Layers
 - Drops, Bubbles and Multiphase Flows
 - Wave Propagation
 - Welding & Joining
 - Heat and Mass Transfer
 - Experimental Mechanics
 - Renewable Energy Mechanics
 - Surface Engineering/Coatings
 - Scale Bridging Materials Modeling
 - Plasticity, Fracture, and Damage Mechanics
 - Computational Mechanics
 - Rolling Mechanics
 - Materials Properties, Measuring Methods and Applications