Symposium on Graphene and 3D Printing Technology

Symposium on Graphene and 3D Printing Technology

Location Japan Japan - Tokyo
Start Date Oct 30, 2019
End Date Oct 31, 2019
Event Type Symposium
Subject Area Printing Nanomaterials Nanoelectronics Nanofabrication - Characterization


Graphene 2019 conference assures its attendees of a platform, perfect for the exchange and sharing of invaluable knowledge, research findings, and experiences that can happen with clarity as that of a crystal. Graphene & 3 D printing in Technological innovation can be a great enabler for development in low and middle-income countries. This course presents a methodology and an approach to develop impactful innovations that have the power to foster sustainable development.


 - Graphene Innovation and commercialization
 - Graphene Synthesis Applications in Semiconductor Industry
 - 3D Printing Materials
 - 3D Printing of Polymers and Composites
 - 3D Printing in Electronics
 - Graphene-based hybrid materials, nanomaterials and their electrochemistry
 - The Nanoworld of Graphene
 - Large scale graphene production and Characterization
 - Materials Beyond Graphene
 - Innovations in 3D Printing
 - 3D Printing Beyond 4D Printing
 - Applications of graphene and related 2D 3D materials
 - Benefits of 3D Printing and furture technologies
 - Lasers in 3D Printing in Manufacturing Industry
 - Medical 3D Printing Biomedical Applications of 3D Printing
 - Chemical modification of graphene oxide
 - Emerging Trends in graphene research
 - Advances in Graphene Manufacturing Technology
 - Advances in 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Technology
 - 3D Printing Technology Impact on Manufacturing Industry