Conference on Quantum Physics and Technologies

Conference on Quantum Physics and Technologies

Location Switzerland Switzerland - Zurich
Start Date Jul 17, 2019
End Date Jul 18, 2019
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanophysics


The conference on Quantum Physics and Technologies is a self-governing meeting considered to be a distinguished in the field of Quantum physics conference that attracts renowned speakers, researchers, professionals and innovators across the field to showcase the applied content that helps the knowledge gap between diverse regions, there by catalysing the cross-functional collaboration.


 - Quantum physics
 - Quantum Technology
 - Quantum Optics
 - Quantum Field Theories
 - Quantum Gravity
 - superconductivity and super fluidity
 - Atomic molecular physics
 - Black body Radiation
 - Condensed matter physics
 - Material science and Engineering
 - Nanotechnology
 - Nuclear physics
 - High energy physics
 - Electromagnetic Field
 - Plasma physics
 - Quantum Artillery
 - Quantum Space
 - Quantum Thermodynamics
 - Quantum Topology
 - Quantum Mechanics
 - String Theory
 - Quantum Computing
 - Electro Magnetic Radiation