6th International Conference on Advances in Biology and Chemistry (ICABC 2019)

6th International Conference on Advances in Biology and Chemistry (ICABC 2019)

Location China China - Nanjing
Start Date Jun 24, 2019
End Date Jun 26, 2019
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Biology - Life science Nanochemistry Nanobiotechnology


2019 6th International Conference on Advances in Biology and Chemistry (ICABC 2019) will be held in Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China during June 24-26, 2019. ICABC 2019 will bring eminent professors, scholars and researchers all over the world to discuss hot topics in chemistry, biology and bio-chemistry like perovskite and its application, sodium-ion battery, white LED, green chemistry, natural immune molecules induced mechanism of plant, gene editing, virus (ZIKA, H7N9, HIV and etc.), Human chimeras and so on.


 - Advancing the chemical and biological engineering fundamentals;
 - Thermodynamics; 
 - (Bio) Catalysis & reaction engineering; 
 - Particulate systems; Rheology; Multiphase flows; 
 - Interfacial & colloidal phenomena; 
 - Transport phenomena in porous/granular media; 
 - Membranes and membrane science; 
 - Crystallization; 
 - Distillation, absorption and extraction; 
 - Ionic liquids/electrolyte solutions;
 - Multi-scale and/or multi-disciplinary approach to process-product innovation; 
 - Product design & innovation; 
 - Nanomanufacturing; 
 - Controlled release of the active ingredient; 
 - Energy and environment; 
 - CFD & chemical engineering; 
 - Food engineering;
 - Sustainable process-product development through green chemistry; 
 - Process intensification; 
 - Process integration; 
 - Nanotechnology; 
 - New materials & structured products; 
 - Intelligent polymers; 
 - Green organic synthesis routes; 
 - Environmental engineering & management; 
 - Sustainable & clean technologies;
 - Systematic methods and tools for managing the complexity;
 - Multiscale modeling; 
 - Process synthesis & design; 
 - Process control & operations; 
 - Supply chain management & business decision support; 
 - Advances in computational & numerical methods; 
 - Safety & risk management systems; 
 - Systems biology; 
 - Process Analytical Technology - PAT; 
 - Software architecture;
 - standards and interfaces;
 - Integration of life sciences & engineering;
 - Biochemical Engineering; 
 - Product Engineering in the Bio Industries; 
 - Delivery of the final product; 
 - Biotechnology applied to production of new and better quality food; 
 - Physical chemistry and thermodynamics for life sciences and biotechnology; 
 - Improvement of environmental remediation processes; 
 - The impact of bio-based polymeric materials.