27th Annual International Conference on Composites/Nano Engineering (ICCE-27)

27th Annual International Conference on Composites/Nano Engineering (ICCE-27)

Location Spain Spain - Grenada
Start Date Jul 14, 2019
End Date Jul 20, 2019
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nano Engineering Printing New energy - Renewable energy Advanced materials Polymer - Nanocomposites Environment Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics Nanobiotechnology


The ICCE conference is unique in that while it is an engineering conference, it has attracted numerous chemists, physicists and scientists from diverse fields in our efforts to promote interdisciplinary research on composites. Of particular concern is the challenge for materials engineers to understand the wide diversity of length scales ranging from nano to micro to macro and full scale and to question the validity of the theories or models which are known to be valid only in certain length scales. The ICCE is among the first composite materials conferences which take a leading vital role to bridge the gap between nano-chemistry and nano-engineering, and attracted hundreds of papers in this existing relatively new field of nano-composites engineering.


 - Bio-medicine

 - Bio-Nano

 - Energy-Nano

 - Energy Storage & Conversion

 - Carbon Sci.Tech.

 - 3-D printing

 - materials under Harsh Environments

 - Green materials

 - Hybrid & Multifunctional Materials

 - Others