4th International Conference on Nanotechnology and Materials Science

4th International Conference on Nanotechnology and Materials Science

Location Indonesia Indonesia - Bali
Start Date Nov 9, 2019
End Date Nov 11, 2019
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Food - Packaging NMES - MEMS Nanoelectronics Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics New energy - Renewable energy Nano Optics - Nanophotonics Nanodevices - Equipment Polymer - Nanocomposites Robotics - Artificial intelligence Nanobiotechnology Nanochemistry Nanophysics Nano Engineering


On this auspicious occasion, Organizing Committee invites participants from all over the world to come and join this flagship conference with the theme “Outlining the forefront research in the field of Nanotechnology and Materials Science”. Nanotechnology Congress 2019 aims to proclaim data and share new ideas amongst the professionals, industrialists, and students from analysis areas of Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Engineering, Chemistry and Physics to share their analysis experiences and cherish interactive discussions and technical sessions at the event. The Conference will have an area for firms and/or establishments to gift their services, products, innovations and analysis results. If your company/organization is inquisitive about this event, then come and be part of this exquisite knowledge oriented conference.


 - Nanotechnology
 - Nano materials
 - Nano composites and Multifunctional Materials
 - Graphene and 2D Materials
 - Nano devices
 - Nano medicine and Biomedical Engineering
 - Nano electronics and Bio Medical Devices
 - Quantum dot
 - Spintronics
 - Nano medical Approaches for Cancer Diagnosis
 - Tissue Nano engineering
 - Nano biotechnology
 - Nanotechnology for Energy and the Environment
 - Nano photonics and Optics
 - Robotics and Mechatronics
 - Risks and Regulation of Nanotechnology
 - Applications of Nanotechnology
 - Materials Science and Engineering
 - Biomaterials and Medical Devices
 - Polymer Science and Technology
 - Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
 - Emerging Smart Materials
 - Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability
 - Metals, Metallurgy and Materials
 - Physics and Chemistry of Materials
 - Mechanics, Characterization Techniques and Equipment 
 - Ceramics and Composite Materials
 - Materials Processing and Product Manufacturing
 - Materials-Environment Interactions
 - Emerging areas of Materials Science
 - Advancements in Materials Science
 - Carbon nanomaterials, devices and technologies
 - Next Generation Materials and Technologies
 - Advances in Polymer Science
 - Developing Trends in Polymer Chemistry
 - Process Modelling, Simulation, Optimization and Control
 - Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Multi-Scale Modelling
 - Production issues of Polymerization Processes
 - Micro technology
 - Microfluidics
 - lab on a chip devices
 - IBM Nanotechnology
 - Artificial Intelligence in Nanotechnology
 - Nanosensors
 - Nanotechnology Robotics
 - Nanophotonics
 - Nanomedicine
 - Nanoscience
 - Cancer Nanotechnology
 - Nanotechnology in Food