Materials Science and Nanotechnology Conference (Future Materials 2020)

Materials Science and Nanotechnology Conference (Future Materials 2020)

Location Portugal Portugal - Lisbon
Start Date Feb 26, 2020
End Date Feb 28, 2020
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Nanoelectronics Advanced materials New energy - Renewable energy Nanophysics Nanochemistry


Committee Members are glad to invite participants from across the globe to join in this annual flagship conference on Materials Science and Nanotechnology which is going to be held on February 26-28, 2020 at SANA Malhoa Hotel, Lisbon. Portugal. Future Materials 2020 moto is to share latest researches amongst the professionals from industries and Institutes also provides a platform for students from research areas of Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Chemistry and Physics to share their ideas, experiences and indulge in interactive discussions and technical sessions at the event. The event will also provide space for several institutes and organizations to present their services, products, innovations and research results.

Future Materials 2020 is comprised of various sessions designed to offer comprehensive symposiums that address current issues in the field of Materials Science and provides a fantastic opportunity to network with your peers from academia and industrialists which includes professors, researchers, Materials Scientists, Materials Engineers, and Students. The conference also provides an opportunity to meet Prof Ada E. Yonath (Nobel Laureate 2009) and Prof Michael Kosterlitz (Nobel Laureate 2016).

Future Materials frame the empirical and systematic minds of both Young Turks and experience professionals in the field of Materials Science and Nanotechnology.


 - Advanced Materials
 - Energy & Sustainability
 - Advanced Manufacturing
 - Advances in Nanotechnology
 - Nanotechnology in Defense
 - Electronics & Sensors
 - Biotechnology and Medical
 - 3d Printing Technology
 - Nanomaterials in Catalysis
 - Artificial Intelligence Methods
 - Nano Chemistry
 - Solar Nanotechnology
 - Materials Physics