Polymer Connect, Polymer Science and Composite Materials Conference

Polymer Connect, Polymer Science and Composite Materials Conference

Location Portugal Portugal - Lisbon
Start Date Feb 26, 2020
End Date Feb 28, 2020
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Polymer - Nanocomposites


Polymer Science Conference is a scientific house and is designed by considering all the scientific aspects. The conference was well established by the National Committee, International Committee, plenary and keynote speakers, Featured speakers from academia, Industry/companies, societies, students and delegates. Prof. Geoffrey Robert Mitchell is leading the conference and acting as chairman for the conference.


 - Biodegradable Plastics
 - Polymers in Biomedical and NanoMedicine
 - Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
 - Biopolymers as Scaffolds for Stem Cells
 - Polymers for Drug Delivery
 - Smart Polymers
 - Polymers from the Sea
 - Polymers in Biotechnology
 - Polymer Degradation and Stabilization
 - Recycling of Polymers and Waste Management
 - Polymer Applications
 - Polymer Simulations
 - Polymers for additive manufacturing
 - Polymers for Energy Generation and Storage
 - Polymer and Nano composites
 - Polymer Rheology