15th International Congress on Laser Advanced Materials Processing

15th International Congress on Laser Advanced Materials Processing

Location Japan Japan - Osaka
Start Date Jun 22, 2020
End Date Jun 23, 2020
Event Type Congress
Subject Area Nano Optics - Nanophotonics


This conference deliberates with the theme of Estimating future advancements to be created and the future laser marketing. This gives two days of vigorous talks, prompt keynote talks, oral talks, poster presentation, exhibitions, workshops by eminent people, and delegates which will create a stage for worldwide advancement of a few strategies. This conference aims to promote various studies and researches going on in this field among scientists, academics and industries and enhance the new systems for improvement of new materials for worldwide necessities.


 - Laser & Optics
 - Advanced Laser Processing
 - Advanced Optical and Magnetic Material
 - Advanced Materials & Functional Devices
 - Micro patterning and Nano processing
 - Gas, solid and diode laser
 - Beam delivery system
 - Micro and remote welding
 - Laser detectors
 - Drilling, Brazing and Soldering
 - Laser device in Medical
 - Industrial application of Laser
 - Laser Safety and environmental aspects
 - Advanced Nanomaterials- production, Synthesis and Processing
 - Advancement in Nanomaterials Science & Nanotechnology