4th Edition of Global conference on Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems (PDDS 2020)

4th Edition of Global conference on Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems (PDDS 2020)

Location Italy Italy - Rome
Start Date Jun 15, 2020
End Date Jun 17, 2020
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics


PDDS 2020 serve as a podium for the interaction between experts in the areas of pharmaceutics, drug delivery, nanomedicine, biotechnology, and nanotechnology around the world and aims in sharing some unique research and translational studies on various advances in the related fields. The conference opens the doors for many researchers in academia, clinicians, and industry representatives working in these exciting areas. It is expected to bring together both reputable scientists in advanced stages of their career and young researches from many related disciplines. The conference expects many new ideas to emerge at the interfaces between disciplines aiming to solve the most important problems relating to the health and wellbeing of the humanity.


 - Novel Developments In Drug Delivery System
 - Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology
 - Drug Discovery and Screening
 - Pharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing
 - Preformulation Studies
 - Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety
 - Pharmacology
 - Inhaled Drug Delivery
 - Pharmacogenomics
 - Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems
 - Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights
 - Advances in Biotherapeutics-Drug Discovery and Development
 - Cellular Targeting and Intracellular Delivery
 - Pharmaceutical Research & Development
 - Formulation Technologies
 - Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
 - Vaccine Design and Drug Delivery Technology
 - Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals
 - Biodrugs, Biomolecules and Therapeutics
 - Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance
 - Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery
 - Drug Delivery Through BBB
 - Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems
 - Clinical and Medical Case Reports