8th Edition of Global Conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering & Technology (CAT 2020)

8th Edition of Global Conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering & Technology (CAT 2020)

Location France France - Paris
Start Date Sep 21, 2020
End Date Sep 23, 2020
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanochemistry Nano Engineering


CAT 2020 will be a platform to discuss a broad range of topics related to Catalysis and Chemical Engineering for the academicians, scholars, investigators, Chemical Engineering Researchers, industrialists and associated experts in the field of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering from all over the globe for sharing familiarity, exchanging ideas, collaborate and to showcase their research results about all features of their work and application experiences, to establish research or business relations, and to find global partners for future relationship in the field of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering.


 - Catalysis and Porous Materials
 - Photochemistry, Photobiology and Electrochemistry
 - Chemical Kinetics and Catalytic Activity
 - Homogeneous catalysis, Molecular Catalysis
 - Chemical Engineering
 - Advances in Catalysis and Chemical Engineering
 - Catalysis in Nanotechnology
 - Environmental Catalysis
 - Biocatalysis and Biotransformation
 - Organometallics, Organocatalysis and Bioinorganic Chemistry
 - Computational Catalysis
 - Chemical Synthesis and Catalysts Synthesis
 - Micro-emulsion Catalysis and Catalytic Cracking
 - Integrated Catalysis
 - Enzymes, Coenzymes and Metabolic Pathways
 - Separation Processes in Chemical Technology
 - Green and Sustainable Chemistry
 - Microbial Technology
 - Catalysis for Energy
 - Catalysis for renewable sources
 - Catalysis and Applications
 - Catalysis for Biorefineries
 - Heterogeneous Catalysis
 - Reaction Chemistry and Engineering
 - Industrial Catalysis and Process Engineering
 - Advanced synthesis, Catalytic systems and new catalyst designing
 - Catalytic Materials
 - Surface Chemistry: Colloid and Surface aspects
 - Enantioselective catalysis
 - Fluid Mechanics
 - Macrocyclic and Supramolecular chemistry
 - Plasma Catalysis
 - Nuclear Chemistry/Radiochemistry
 - Petrochemical Engineering
 - Analytical Methodologies
 - Mechanisms of Microbial Transcription