3rd Edition of Euro-Global Conference on Food Science and Technology

3rd Edition of Euro-Global Conference on Food Science and Technology

Location France France - Paris
Start Date Sep 10, 2020
End Date Sep 12, 2020
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Food - Packaging


Food Science Conference 2020 provides extensive information on rapid scientific and technological advances that are transforming the way our foods are produced, processed and consumed. It addresses current techniques, identifies key challenges and proposes effective solutions. FAT 2020 offers distinctive services to scientists, speculative researchers, food researchers, scholar's and decision makers both from academia and industry across the globe to exchange their knowledge, experience and research innovations. This program is a rich unification of formats running from keynote sessions highlighting some outstanding and thought provoking speakers to very intelligent talks which are proposed in a way where analysts and specialized staff from both scholarly world and industry can communicate making a stage for exchanging of knowledge, ideas and thoughts.


 - Food Science and Technology
 - Food Processing and Technology
 - Food Nanotechnology
 - Food Toxicology
 - Food Saftey and Security
 - Food - Quality Control and Quality Assurance
 - Food Microbiology and Enzymology
 - Bio Active Constituents of Food
 - Chemical Process: Biological and Non-Biological
 - Current Trends in Food Technology
 - Food Bioscience, Biotechnology& Biophysics
 - Food Engineering and Materials Science
 - Food and Environmental Sciences
 - Food Chemistry and Biochemistry
 - Agronomy and Agricultural Research
 - Food, Nutrition and Health
 - Food Legumes Research
 - Food Analysis and Approaches
 - Food Substitution and Adulteration
 - Dairy Science & Technology
 - Food Colloids and Polymers
 - Advanced Research and Trends in Food Sciences
 - Food Packaging and Preservation
 - Beverage Technology Grape and Wine Research Wine Chemistry Non Alcoholic Beverages
 - Sensory & Consumer Sciences
 - Food and Resource Economics