Location Italy Italy - Rome
Start Date Jun 15, 2020
End Date Jun 17, 2020
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanochemistry Nanomaterials


Chemistry 2020 is one of the most important assemblies for providing a podium within the chemists and chemical professionals. This meeting is assured to exceed your vision about the new approaches and techniques involved in trending discoveries. It also provides you a high quality communication with the global experts representing both academia and industry; and will build collaborations among scientists. The conference scientific program deals with the major areas of specialized topics related to all aspects of chemistry.


 - Analytical & bioanalytical Chemistry
 - Electrochemistry
 - Forensic and Clinical Chemistry
 - Industrial Chemistry
 - Nanoscience & Materials Chemistry
 - Organic & Inorganic chemistry
 - Physical Chemistry & Theoretical Chemistry
 - Natural Products Chemistry
 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry
 - Synthetic Chemistry
 - Emerging technology on Supramolecular and Surface chemistry
 - Pure & Applied Chemistry
 - Chemistry in Clinical Research
 - Structural Chemistry: computational and experimental studies of chemical and biological systems
 - Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
 - Biochemistry
 - Environmental & Green Chemistry
 - Marine and Geo Chemistry
 - Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery
 - Nutrition & Food chemistry
 - Petrochemistry
 - Polymer Chemistry
 - Chemistry of Transition Elements
 - Nuclear and Radio Chemistry
 - Technological advancement in Organic Synthesis
 - Challenges and Opportunities in CADD
 - Agricultural Chemistry
 - Chemical Engineering
 - Future Scope of Chemistry
 - Organometallic Chemistry