Global Conference on Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials

Global Conference on Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials

Location Belgium Belgium - Brussels
Start Date Sep 17, 2020
End Date Sep 18, 2020
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanoelectronics Nano Optics - Nanophotonics Nanophysics


The conference encourages all the participants to contribute to the proceedings and help shape this wonderful event by submitting their original research papers, abstracts, and e-posters. This event includes informative and inspirational talks from renowned scholars in these thriving fields together with prompt keynote lectures, plenary talks, invited lectures, and video and poster presentations which reflect constructive and theoretical work in areas concerning the conference’s theme and topic. Events that run parallel with the conference’s proceedings including exhibitions, workshops and discussions provide new dimensions for research in these fields.


 - Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
 - Electronic Circuits
 - Electronic and Ionic Conduction
 - Semiconductors
 - Super Conductors
 - Motors, Generators and Actuators
 - Optical Properties of Metals and Non-Metals
 - Optical Communications and Networking
 - Lasers and Optical Devices
 - Fiber Optics
 - Novel Optical Materials and Applications
 - Optics and Lasers In Medicine
 - Quantum Science and Technology
 - Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
 - Magnetic and Optical Mass Storage
 - Magnetic Imaging and Measurement Techniques
 - Magnetic Power Devices and Levitation
 - Geo Magnetism
 - Nano materials and Nanotechnology