6th Edition of International Conference on  Plant Genomics

6th Edition of International Conference on Plant Genomics

Location Germany Germany - Frankfurt
Start Date Jun 8, 2020
End Date Jun 9, 2020
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Agriculture - Husbandry - Fisheries


EuroSciCon is delighted to invite you to attend “6th Edition of International Conference onPlant Genomics at Frankfurt, Germany” which is going to be held June 8-9, 2020. EuroSciCon is a World’s leading event Organizer conducting International conferences in USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East.


 - Crop Improvement & Plant Virology
 - Biofuel, Bioenergy and Biomass
 - Agricultural Genomics and Cereal Genomics
 - Horticulture Sciences
 - Plant Nutritional Genomics
 - Plant Signaling and Chemical Signaling
 - Genome Sequencing and Arabidopsis
 - Plant Tissue Culture
 - Crop Improvement and Plant Hormones
 - Plant Synthetic Biology and Plant Transcriptome
 - Plant Breeding
 - Plant Proteomics
 - Bioinformatics and Data Analysis
 - Genetically Modified Organisms
 - Molecular Breeding
 - Plant Science
 - Plant Nanotechnology
 - Plant Pathology
 - Plant Metabolism and Regulation
 - Plant Genetics and Epigenetics
 - Plant Genome Engineering Strategies and Developments
 - Plant Functional Genomics and Biotechnology
 - Plant Genomics Applications
 - Plant Anatomy, Metabolism, Regulation and Phytology
 - Bioremediation
 - Microspore Culture
 - Hairy Root Transformation
 - Plant Glycobiology
 - Eco-Tourism
 - Environmental Ecology