The International Conference and Expo on Mining & Metallurgy

The International Conference and Expo on Mining & Metallurgy

Location Hungary Hungary - Budapest
Start Date Nov 16, 2020
End Date Nov 17, 2020
Event Type Conference & Expo
Subject Area Nanomaterials


Mining Metallurgy 2020 solicits active participation of industry and academic professionals with contributed and invited communications of high scientific level. It will include several inspiring and informative plenary lectures, keynote talks, oral and poster presentations, discussions, exhibitions, workshops and a number of social events aimed at promoting knowledge sharing between the participants and to explore recent advances in mining and metallurgy.


 - Materials Forming and Machining
 - Metal Alloys
 - Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
 - Materials for Energy and Environmental
 - Sustainability
 - Iron and Steel Materials
 - Catalytic Materials
 - Mechanical Behavior and Fracture
 - Tooling, Testing and Evaluation of Machining
 - Emerging Smart Materials
 - Laser Processing
 - Materials in Industry
 - Non Traditional Machining
 - Mechanical Metallurgy and Mining
 - Mechanical Fundamentals
 - Advanced Materials and Devices
 - Elements of the Theory of Plasticity
 - Plastic Deformation of Polycrystalline Aggregates
 - Fracture
 - Internal Friction
 - Applications to Materials Testing
 - Mineral Resource and Extraction
 - The Hardness Test
 - Fatigue of Metals
 - Functional Materials
 - Mine Waste Rehabilitation
 - General fundamentals of Metalworking
 - Mine Ventilation
 - Metal Casting and Extrusion
 - Materials Theory, Computation and Design
 - Batteries and Energy Materials
 - Advanced Ceramics
 - Geochemical Exploration
 - Corrosion
 - Metallurgical Sciences
 - Mineral Resource
 - Material Science And Engineering
 - Mineral Extraction
 - Mining Automation
 - Petroleum Chemistry
 - Smart Materials
 - Nanomaterial
 - Marine Engineering
 - Robotic Engineering
 - Gold Alloys
 - High Strength Alloys
 - Oil And Gas Exploration
 - Thermal Stresses
 - Geoscience For Society