4th World Conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

4th World Conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Location Turkey Turkey - Istanbul
Start Date Dec 17, 2020
End Date Dec 18, 2020
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Robotics - Artificial intelligence


"Due to global impact of COVID-19 outbreak, conference is postponed next year and the dates would be announced soon."


The conference will provide up-to-date information about the standards and best practices and offers great opportunities to introduce new participants in relevant fields while highlighting new and innovative tools and approaches. It will bring together a large number of researchers, computer engineers, software developers, students, educators, members of associations, policy makers and professionals in robotics and AI to exchange ideas and present current research outcomes.


 - Artificial Intelligence and Applications
 - Automation
 - AI-Based Methods
 - Brain-Machine Interface
 - Tele-Robotics, Medical Robotics
 - Natural Language Processing
 - Actuator Design
 - Internet of Things
 - Computer Vision
 - Robot Kinematics and Dynamics
 - Design and Simulation of Robotic Systems
 - Machine Learning Methods
 - Micro and Nano-Robotics, Field Robots
 - Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning
 - Computational Intelligence
 - Human Machine Interface
 - Human Detection & Tracking
 - Humanoid Robots: New Developments, Industrial Robots
 - Climbing Robots
 - Soft Robotic Systems
 - Computer Science and Engineering
 - Mobile Computing
 - Artificial Neural Networks
 - Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
 - Aerial and Underwater Robotics
 - Nano/Micro Systems and Applications
 - Robotics in Construction and Robotics in Hazardous Fields
 - Robot Localization and Mapping
 - Quantum Computing
 - Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry
 - Drones
 - Genetic Algorithms