4th International Conference on Electronics and Electrical Engineering

4th International Conference on Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Location South Korea South Korea - Seoul
Start Date Apr 22, 2021
End Date Apr 24, 2021
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanoelectronics


Conference is Cancelled!

4th International Conference on Electronics and Electrical Engineering (ICEEE-2021) is a unique international platform which is a confluence of all stake holders of the electronics and electrical engineering ecosystem including students, educators, early-career researchers, engineering professionals, policy makers, and professionals from academia and industry coming together to present and discuss a wide range of current topics in these fields.



 - Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
 - Control Engineering
 - Signal processing & Wireless Networks
 - Smartgrids Technologies & Applications
 - Resilient Energy Systems
 - Non Renewable Energy Sources
 - Distributed Generation
 - Electrical Power Systems
 - Electrical Machines and Adjustable Speed Drives
 - High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
 - Power Market
 - Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems
 - Control Theory & Industrial Control
 - Telecommunication
 - Circuits and Networks
 - Power Electronics, Systems and Applications
 - Nano-Technologies
 - Microelectronics
 - Acoustics, Speech & Signal Processing
 - Image and Video Processing
 - Digital Signal Processing Algorithms
 - Digital Filter Design & Implementation
 - Medical Signal Processing & Medical Imaging
 - Wireless and Mobile Communication
 - Knowledge and Data Engineering
 - Multimedia Services and Technologies
 - Fuzzy and Neural Control
 - High-power semiconductors
 - Adaptive and Learning Control System
 - Computers and Information Technology
 - Parallel/Distributed Computing and Grid Computing
 - Communication Systems
 - Mechatronics
 - Lasers and Electro-Optics
 - Robotics and Automation
 - Sensors and sensing systems
 - Photonics
 - Electronic Materials
 - Solid States Devices and Materials
 - Semiconductors
 - Power & Energy