International Congress on Nano Technology 2021

International Congress on Nano Technology 2021

Location China China - Hong Kong
Start Date Aug 13, 2021
End Date Aug 14, 2021
Event Type Congress
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Nanoelectronics Advanced materials


The purpose of ICNT 2021 is to bring together researchers, mathematicians, engineers, and practitioners interested in various aspects related to Nano Technology. The papers will be made to appear in a book to be published by ASDF HQ, India in EDLIB ( All the published papers will be indexed by Google Scholar and various other search engines.


 - Nano Electronics
 - Nano Circuits
 - Nano Manufacturing
 - Nano Fabrication
 - Nano Sensors and Actuators
 - Nano Materials
 - Nano Robotics
 - Nano Manipulation
 - Nano Metrology
 - Nano-Bio-Medicine
 - Nano Application
 - Nano Photonics
 - Nano Magnetics
 - Micro-to-Nano-Scale Bridging
 - NEMS Applications
 - Nano Fluids
 - Nano Assemblies and Devices
 - Nano Communications and Nano Networking
 - Advanced Materials
 - Nano Scale Electronics
 - Nano Tech in Life Sciences & Medicine
 - Energy & Environment
 - Fabrication, Characterization & Tools
 - Nanotechnology safety