3PM2021 (Photonics/Phononics/Plasmonics/Magneto-Optics)

3PM2021 (Photonics/Phononics/Plasmonics/Magneto-Optics)

Location Spain Spain - Bilbao
Start Date Nov 23, 2021
End Date Nov 25, 2021
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nano Optics - Nanophotonics Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials


The conference aim is to bring together top researchers and future leaders encouraging interactions between students, young speakers, and senior figures in the field. The topics will cover the experimental and theoretical aspects of light interaction with nanoscale objects and nanostructured materials, focusing on dielectric materials tailored on the nanoscale, metallic materials exploiting their capability to sustain plasmon excitations, and magneto-optical materials that, on one side, allow external modification of the optical properties, and, on the other, are non-reciprocal permitting to envisage structures that are immune to backscattering.




- Magneto-Optics
- Metamaterials
- Nanophononics
- Photonic Devices
- Plasmonics
- Sensors