4th International Conference on Applied Surface Science (ICASS)

4th International Conference on Applied Surface Science (ICASS)

Location Spain Spain - Online
Start Date Jun 28, 2021
End Date Jun 30, 2021
Event Type Webinar
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Nanochemistry Advanced materials


ICASS will report on and discuss current research on the role and use of surfaces in chemical and physical processes, related to catalysis, electrochemistry, energy, new/functional materials and nanotechnology. Also the various techniques and characterization methods will be discussed.




- Surface engineering and functionalization
- Functional surfaces and coatings
- Surface science applied to energy conversion and storage
- Surface nanotechnology and devices
- Biointerfaces
- Electrochemistry at surfaces and interfaces
- Advances in surface characterization tools
- Environmentally-friendly materials
- Semiconductors – surface and interface
- 2D layered materials and assembling