5th Edition of Global Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems (Pharma 2022)

5th Edition of Global Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems (Pharma 2022)

Location Singapore Singapore - Singapore
Start Date Mar 28, 2022
End Date Mar 30, 2022
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Biology - Life science


Magnus group takes the pleasure to announce that after the prodigious success of four annual conferences we are back with the 5th Edition of Global Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems (Pharma 2022: Hybrid Event) scheduled during March 28-30, 2022 at Singapore.

The theme of the conference revolves around “Footprints of Next Generation Drug Delivery on Pharma Industry”

PHARMA 2022 is scheduled in Hybrid Format with both onsite and virtual versions. We believe that our decision will enable broad participation

This strategic conference will emphasize majorly on the need for new drug delivery systems and its types. The congress will also provide light on the major advances in the field of pharmaceutics and the hardships faced by the pharma industry during the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Pharma 2022 Conference is a multidisciplinary congress that aims to brings together people from all over the world to learn about Pharma Research and its advancements. It provides an opportunity to meet people working in the field of science and, thereby, it delights in providing an anteroom to meet the frontiers in the field of drug development, delivery and manufacture. The three-day global summit will attract attendees from all parts of globe and will bring you worlds leading speakers discussing and disseminating their knowledge about pharmaceutics




- Novel Developments In Drug Delivery System
- Cellular Targeting and Intracellular Delivery
- Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology
- Pharmaceutical Research & Development
- Drug Discovery and Screening
- Formulation Technologies
- Pharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing
- Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
- Preformulation Studies
- Vaccine Design and Drug Delivery Technology
- Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety
- Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals
- Pharmacology
- Biodrugs, Biomolecules and Therapeutics
- Inhaled Drug Delivery
- Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance
- Pharmacogenomics
- Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery
- Impact of Covid-19 on Pharmaceutical Industry
- Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems
- Drug Delivery Through BBB
- Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights
- Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems
- Advances in Biotherapeutics-Drug Discovery and Development
- Clinical and Medical Case Reports
- Drug Discovery Strategies To Fight COVID-19
- Current Therapeutic Drugs Treating COVID-19
- COVID-19 Impact on World-Wide Pharma Companies
- Radiochemistry, Hybrid Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
- Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
- Mollecular Modelling and Small Molecules as Drug Candidates
- Pharma Market Post COVID-19
- Experimental, Theoretical and Clinical Pharmacology
- Analytical and Synthetic Chemistry
- Pharmacognosy & Ethnobotany
- Adverse Drug Reactions and Case Studies
- Supply Chain Developments
- AI and Machine Learning in Pharma Industries
- Virtual Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
- Misuse of Prescription and Over-the-counter Drug
- Precsion Medicine and Specialty Drugs
- Biosimilar Market