International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics

International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics

Location Italy Italy - Rome
Start Date Jun 15, 2022
End Date Jun 16, 2022
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Advanced materials Nanobiotechnology


Magnus Group cordially invites you to its “International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics” (PROBIOTICS 2022) slated during June 15-16, 2022 at Rome, Italy.

PROBIOTICS 2022 is scheduled in Hybrid Format with both onsite and virtual versions. We believe that our decision will enable broad participation.

The congress will be focused on its meaningful theme “Deciphering the Scientific Landscape on Probiotics and Prebiotics” and will emphasize on recent advancements in probiotic and prebiotic science and research, and their current and future roles in sustaining health and preventing diseases.




- Gut-Microbiota
- Digestive System & Microbes
- Microflora in Health and Disease Control
- Next-Generation Probiotics
- Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplements
- Probiotics Delivery System
- Gastrointestinal Health and Infections
- Fermentation Process
- Beneficial Microbes from Human and Animal Intestines
- Probiotic Microorganisms, Host-Induced Effects and Host Health
- Regulatory Perspectives and Future of Probiotics and Prebiotics
- Probiotics and Intestinal Health
- Probiotics and The Gut-Brain Axis
- Probiotics and Urogenital Health
- Probiotics for Women
- Probiotics Side Effects
- Probiotics in Obesity and Weight-Loss
- Novel Strains of Probiotics and Their Sources
- Psychobiotics