The 7th Ed. of Nanometrology 2022 International Conference (NanoMetrology 2022)

The 7th Ed. of Nanometrology 2022 International Conference (NanoMetrology 2022)

Location France France - Paris
Start Date Jun 15, 2022
End Date Jun 17, 2022
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanometrology Standardization Nanodevices - Equipment Nanomaterials Textile Safety - Social issues Computational - Simulation - Modeling


The 7th edition of NanoMetrology 2022 event deals with the advancements in all the metrological aspects related to nanoscience and nanotechnology. It is open to all the areas connected to both theoretical and experimental aspects of metrology at the nanometer scale, from new methodologies for the quantitative characterization of nanomaterials, to new results in fields of characterization of nanomaterials and realization of nanometrological standards, which represent a key issue for making possible a successful technological transfer of nanotechnology. The aim of this event is to offer an opportunity to academicians, innovators and industrials to share, and divulge new methods, techniques and instrumentations, for metrology and characterization of nanomaterials, nanosystems, and nanodevices at the nanometer scale.




Session 1- Characterization at the nanoscale

- State of the art of measurement at the nanoscale level
- Methodologies for the quantitative characterization of physical and chemical parameters of nanomaterials (AFM, STM, SEM, TEM, Mass spectrometry, etc)
- Nanotribology, Surface nanometrology/ 3D printing, etc
- Extension and standardization of characterization Methodologies at the nanometer scale (engineered nanoparticles, nanobiotechnologies, nanoelectronics, thin films/nanocoatings)
- New and emerging measurement and analysis technologies, and recent advances in standards and regulatory frameworks
- Presentation of innovative studies reporting new results in the characterization of nanomaterials and nano-systems

Session 2- Standards for nanometer scale Characterization

- Definition and realization of standards for nanometer scale characterizations (reference materials, measurement standards, etc)
- Divulgation of good laboratory practice, Traceability, uncertainty, calibration, verification, etc
- Precision instrumentation design and theory; optical instruments; scanning probe microscopies; particle beam microscopy; surface topography measurement; and aspects of in-line measurement

Session 3- Modeling and simulations at the nanoscale

- New developments in modeling and simulations at the nanoscale
- Emerging control theory and applications

Session 4- Nanosafety/ Nanotoxicity, Society and regulation issues

- NanoToxicology
- Sustainable nanomanufacturing
- Risk assessment and management
- Measurement of health risk/ Exposure scenarios
- Regulation and ethical impacts/ Scientific Policy
- Interface between development of new technology and global justice