Materials Science and Engineering MSE Congress

Materials Science and Engineering MSE Congress

Location Germany Germany - Darmstadt
Start Date Sep 27, 2022
End Date Sep 29, 2022
Event Type Congress
Subject Area Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics Computational - Simulation - Modeling Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials


The Materials Science and Engineering Congress (MSE) of the German Society for Materials Science (DGM) is considered one of the largest English-language congresses in the field of materials science and engineering in Europe. From September 27 to 29, 2022, world-renowned experts will deliver plenary, keynote and topical presentations at the hybrid congress.





-Biomimetic and osteoinductive materials for bone regeneration
- Biomaterials Applications
- Tools and Technologies for Cell Mechanobiology
- Functional Bio-inspired Porous Materials: Aerogels, Foams, and other Structural materials
- From Old Creatures to New Concepts: Bioinspired Material Designs and Processing Strategies
- Bioceramics - Ceramics for healthcare, pharmaceutical and biological applications
- Bioinstructive polymers and hydrogels
- Metals in Medicine


- In-situ microstructural analysis of composites and multiphase materials
- High-Temperature Metrology
- Small scale and in situ mechanical testing: Experiments meet numerical modeling
- Advanced Particle Characterization for Material Analysis and Synthesis
- Tomographic and Radiographic Imaging: Advanced experimental techniques, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science
- Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy for Materials Science
- On Software Tools for Materials Characterization and Their Integration Into FAIR Research Data Infrastructures
- Erhard Hornbogen Symposium - Evolution of Microstructure, an Essential Element of Materials Science


Functional Materials, Surfaces and Devices

- Recent trends in shape memory alloys
- Piezoelectric Oxides - Special symposium of FOR 5044
- Antiferroelectric dielectrics for energy storage applications
- Materials Design for Electrochemical Energy Storage
- Thin films and multilayer coatings for functional applications
- The great transition – the importance of critical metals for green energy technologies
- Characterization of Energy Materials
- Photonic technologies for surface processing
- Modelling-augmented experiment: tuning material properties via defects
- Advances in Thermoelectricity: From Sustainable Materials to Energy Harvesting Devices
- New materials and architectures for green hydrogen production
- Interfaces in functional materials: Structure, properties, anisotropy and modelling
- Displacive phase transitions: electrons, fields and microstructure
- Surface Modification and Functionalisation


Circular MaterialsI

- Circular Economy and Green Deal for Construction and Building Materials
- Circular approach to bio-based materials
- Metallurgy, processing and properties of recovered alloys from contaminated recycling fractions
- Digitalization and Circular Materials
- Nanomaterials in products and processes under circular considerations
- Materials Engineering for Value-rentention processes - Reuse, Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacturing
- Recycling of technology materials from WEEE

Modelling and Simulation 

- Interfaces in Advanced Materials: from atomistic – to meso-scale
- Computer Aided Reliability in Mechanical Engineering
- Plasticity across the scales
- Digital Materials: Experiments, simulation workflows, ontologies and interoperability
- Computational and experimental thermodynamics and kinetics of materials
- Artificial Intelligence in Materials Science and Engineering
- Energy Materials Research Driven by Modelling and Simulation
- Materials Acceleration Platforms for future materials design


Processing and SynthesisSymposium

- Oxygen-free Production Processes – A New Path to Advanced Materials
- Field-assisted Synthesis and Processing of Inorganic Materials - Manipulation of Matter by Electric and Magnetic Fields
- Advances in Functional Aerogels: Preparation, Properties, and Applications
- Additive Manufacturing Technologies
- Molecular Preparative Approaches to Functional Materials
- Wet Processed Nanostructured Materials
- Synthesis, Processing and Properties of Polymeric Materials


Structural Materials

- Process-microstructure-property relationships in high-performance alloys produced by additive manufacturing
- Advanced High Strength Steels
- Intermetallic materials for structural applications
- Structural lightweight magnesium based materials: Processing – Microstructure – Property relationship
- Tribology: mechanisms across different length- and time-scales
- Architectured Materials
- Wood as a Structural Material in Mobility
- Hydrogen effects in materials
- Accompanying and Unusual Elements in Aluminium and its Alloys: Precipitation Phenomena and Effects on Mechanical Properties
- Ultrafine-Grained and Nano-Crystalline Materials
- ALLEGRO: High-performance components made from aluminum alloys through resource-optimized process technologies