5th World Summit on Nanotechnology and Nano Materials

5th World Summit on Nanotechnology and Nano Materials

Location Italy Italy - Rome
Start Date Aug 22, 2022
End Date Aug 23, 2022
Event Type Congress
Subject Area Nanoelectronics Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics Nano Optics - Nanophotonics Nanodevices - Equipment Businesses - Commercialization Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Nanobiotechnology Nanochemistry Nano Engineering


On behalf of the NANOMEET-2022 Congress Organizing Committee, it is with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome you to participate in the 5th World Congress of Nanotechnology and Nano Materials (NANOMEET-2022 ) taking place in Rome, Italy on August 22-23, 2022.

The NANOMEET-2022 aims to develop a critical assessment of existing work and future directions in nanotechnology research including nanomaterials and fabrications, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, devices, and integration. This conference brings together key researchers from all over the world and from many sectors of academics and industry in the nanotechnology research field, with a special focus on materials It is the ultimate goal of NANOMEET-2022 to become a leading conference in the world in advocating novel electronic and sensing devices using advanced nanomaterials.

The NANOMEET-2022 Flexible electronics have become fast-growing fields after the discovery of various nanomaterials especially in the area of flexible strain sensors. High flexibility, stretchability, sensitivity, and compatibility are some essential requirements of flexible strain sensors. Currently developed nanomaterials have shown excellent performances as functional materials in sensing devices. These materials are preferred over conventional materials due to their stable mechanical and electronic behavior in diverse applications. This article presents current research progress in flexible and stretchable strain sensors.




- Nanoscience and Technology
- Nano polymers, Nanotubes and Nano porous Materials
- Nano Physics
- Nano Weapons
- Graphene and Fullerenes
- Properties of Nanomaterials
- Materials Science and Engineering
- Nano Structures
- Nanotechnology in Materials Science
- Nano Chemistry
- Molecular Nanotechnology
- Nano Mechanics
- Forensic Nanotechnology
- Nanotechnology and Energy
- Nanostructures and Nanofilms
- 3D Printing
- Carbon Nanotubes
- Fundamentals of nanomaterials
- First-principles calculations of nanomaterials
- Molecular dynamics simulations of nanomaterials
- Synthesis of advanced nanomaterials
- Experimental advances in nanomaterials
- New methods for nanomaterials
- Nanobiomaterials
- Novel Drug Delivery
- Nano-surgery
- Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment
- Advancing Cellulose-based Nanotechnology
- Nano Medicine
- Fuel Cells
- Lipid Nanotechnology
- Nano Biotechnology
- Nano Pharmaceuticals
- Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering
- Nanotechnology in Urology
- Robotics
- Nanotoxicology
- Nanotribology
- Nano Products
- Commercialization of Nanotechnology
- Artificial Intelligence
- Biomedical Engineering