5th Edition of International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (MAT 2023)

5th Edition of International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (MAT 2023)

Location Spain Spain - Valencia
Start Date Sep 25, 2023
End Date Sep 27, 2023
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Polymer - Nanocomposites Nanomaterials Advanced materials Nanochemistry Nanophysics Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nano Engineering Others


We solicit your gracious presence at the “5th Edition of International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering” (MAT 2023) which is held during  September 25-27, 2023. which is scheduled in Hybrid Format at Valencia, Spain.

This Hybrid mode allows you to participate as in-person in Valencia, Spain or Virtual from your home or work.




- Ceramics, Engineering Materials and Composite Materials
- Mechanics, Characterization Techniques and Equipments
- Batteries & Solid Electrolyte Materials
- Environmental and Green Materials
- Computational Materials Science
- Materials Science and Engineering
- Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
- Failure Analysis and Prevention Techniques
- Plastics and Elastomers
- Coating and Surface Engineering
- Magnetism and Multiferroism
- Structural Materials and Metallurgy
- Biosensors and Bio Electronic Materials
- Optical, Electronic, Magnetic Materials and Plasmonics
- Emerging Smart Materials
- Biomaterials and Medical Devices
- Applications of Metallurgy, Minerals and Materials Science in other fields
- Advanced Bio-Materials, Bio-devices & Tissue Engineering
- Metals, Mining, Minerals and Materials
- Casting, hot/cold rolling, forming, forging, heat treatment, annealing
- Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Minerals and Metals
- Carbon Nanostructures, Graphene and 2D Materials
- Metal recycling processes, waste treatment
- Advanced Energy Materials & Energy Harvesting Materials
- Advances in Materials Science, Metals and Minerals
- Novel Hybrid Carbon Materials
- Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology
- Polymer Science and Engineering
- Minerals, Metals and Materials in Industry
- Biomaterials and Healthcare
- Polymer Degradation and Stabilization
- Pharmaceutical & Industrial Coating Materials
- Renewable Resources and Biopolymers
- Fibers and Composites
- Rheology of Polymers
- Scanning Probe Microscopy for Energy Applications
- Role of Polymers in biology, biological systems and other fields
- Development of New Characterization, Modeling, Data Analytics and Design Methods
- Metal selection, Construction and commissioning - Case studies of optimised operations
- Geometallurgy, mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, biometallurgy and pyrometallurgy