2nd International Meet on Condensed Matter Physics CMPMEET2023

2nd International Meet on Condensed Matter Physics CMPMEET2023

Location France France - Paris
Start Date Jun 5, 2023
End Date Jun 7, 2023
Event Type Meeting
Subject Area Quantum technology Nano Optics - Nanophotonics Nanoscience - Nanotechnology New energy - Renewable energy


On behalf of the organizing committee it gives us immense pleasure to welcome all the participants of the CMPMEET2023 – a CONFERENCE on Condensed Matter to be held in Paris, France during June 05-07, 2023

Condensed Matter Physics is a discipline in Physics which has a specific goal of understanding the structure and properties of all kinds of solids and liquids. It is a very broad and a lively area of research in physical sciences, where one witnesses frequent occurrence of novel phenomena, relating to exotic properties of matter in metal, semiconductors, magnets, mesoscale systems etc.




- Solid State Physics
- Theoretical and Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
- Quantum Mechanics
- Electromagnetism
- Single Crystals & Noval Materials
- Particle Physics & Atomic Physics
- Soft Matter and Biophysics
- Statistical Mechanics
- Superconductivity and Super fluidity
- Magnetism & Spintronics
- Insulators, Semiconductor & Dielectric Material
- Photonic Materials & Devices
- Graphene and other Carbon Structures
- Glasses, Ceramics, Polymers & Composites
- Nanostructures and nanomaterials
- Computational methods and Applied Physics
- Theoretical Physics/ Black Hole Physics
- Quantum Phase Transitions
- X-Ray Diffraction
- Electronic Structure & Phonons
- Gravitational Force and Dynamics Theory
- Numerical Simulations
- Bose-Einstein Condensates
- Disordered Systems and Neural Networks
- Optical Properties of Solid and Liquid Substances
- Nano-optics
- Surfaces, Interfaces & Thin Films
- 2D Magnetic Materials and Phenomena
- Ferroelectrics
- Renewable Energy
- Polymer Physics