Location France France - Strasbourg
Start Date May 29, 2023
End Date Jun 2, 2023
Event Type Meeting
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Advanced materials Nanoelectronics Nano Optics - Nanophotonics New energy - Renewable energy Nanofabrication - Characterization


Join us as we celebrate 40 years of service to the Materials research community at the 2023 Spring Meeting & Exhibit in Strasbourg (France) - a leading forum for scientists and engineers to exchange information and ideas at the forefront of Materials research.

The Conference will be held at the Convention & Exhibition Centre of Strasbourg (France), from May 29 to June 2, 2023 and will consist of parallel symposia with invited speakers, oral and poster presentations assorted by three plenary sessions to provide an international forum for discussing recent advances in the field of materials science.




- Energy materials

- Nanomaterials and advanced characterization

- Biomaterials and soft materials

- Electronics, magnetics and photonics

- Functional materials

- Education and training