Composites 2024 International Conference

Composites 2024 International Conference

Location Spain Spain - Seville
Start Date Mar 6, 2024
End Date Mar 8, 2024
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanobiotechnology Nanomaterials Polymer - Nanocomposites


Composites 2024 is an international conference that focuses on advanced technology and development of composite materials. It brings together participants from academia and industry who share an interest in Composite Materials. It is a unique opportunity for composite specialists and newcomers alike and has long been a venue where researchers and industrialists network and share with colleagues from around the world and establish long term partnership.




Composite materials and structures and modelling

- Bio-composites
- Polymers and polymer composites
- Novel composites
- Nanocomposites
- Ductile and pseudo-ductile
- Sandwich composites
- Hybrid and metacomposites
- Self healing composites
- Composite/hybrid joints
- Fiber reinforced composites;
- Composites Modeling/prediction
- Computational methods

 Composite processing and manufacturing, properties and performance

- Emerging processing techniques
- Flow processing of composites Consolidation processes
- Additive manufacturing
- Machining advanced manufacturing/automation
- Forming, Repair, testing, …
- Physics, chemistry and mechanics characterization of composites
- Damage tolerance, Fatigue, Creep, Durability, etc
- Life cycle performance: Sustainability, Recycling and Environmental impact

Composite materials Applications

- Biomedical and pharmaceutical
- Energy and Environment
- Building and Civil Engineering
- Automotive and roads transportation
- Aerospace and Defence
- Design furniture and home