Nanotechnology for Dynamic Korea

2000 - 2009

South Korea

South Korea
Policy Type Review & Evaluation
Level National


Secure sustainable growth potential based on new technology and products; Link to and incorporate with existing technologies; Improve the quality of human life


R & D focus Synthesis and characterisation of nanocrystals and nanowires
R & D focus Synthesis of materials based on supramolecules
R & D focus Production of devices and nanosensors on a molecular scale
R & D focus Development of nanomaterials suitable for catalysis and specific modifications to the surfaces of semiconductors
R & D focus Development of interfaces for nanoelectronics and nanofluidics devices
R & D focus Theory, modelling and simulation of nanosystems
R & D focus Development of quantitative imaging and characterisation techniques supporting research into nanotechnology
Priority sector Energy and Environment
Priority sector Health and Medical Technologies
Priority sector Agriculture and Forestry