Nanotechnology for Dynamic Korea

2000 - 2009

South Korea

South Korea
Policy Type Review & Evaluation
Level National


Secure sustainable growth potential based on new technology and products; Link to and incorporate with existing technologies; Improve the quality of human life


R & D focus Synthesis and characterisation of nanocrystals and nanowires
R & D focus Synthesis of materials based on supramolecules
R & D focus Production of devices and nanosensors on a molecular scale
R & D focus Development of nanomaterials suitable for catalysis and specific modifications to the surfaces of semiconductors
R & D focus Development of interfaces for nanoelectronics and nanofluidics devices
R & D focus Theory, modelling and simulation of nanosystems
R & D focus Development of quantitative imaging and characterisation techniques supporting research into nanotechnology
Priority sector Energy and Environment
Priority sector Health and Medical Technologies
Priority sector Agriculture and Forestry


south korea South Korea Ministry of Science and ICT