Annual Report of Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of Rusnano 2020

2020 - 2020


Policy Type Review & Evaluation
Level National


russia Russia RUSNANO Group


Since 2011, In #Nanograd_Youth_Forum, as an annual event of the #RUSNANO School League,  a total of over 200 thousand #school_students have taken part in the Fund’s youth projects.

Over the ten years, the revenue of #nanotechnology_centers and #startups in the Russian Federation exceeded 34.9 billion rubles with more than 3000 workplaces created.

Today, two nanotechnology application areas - #semiconductor industry and #healthcare - jointly amount to over a third of the global #nanotechnology_market in the Russian Federation.

More than 500 producing companies in #Russia employ #nanotechnology which the biggest clusters are located in Moscow (116 companies) and the Republic of Tatarstan (70 companies).

In Russian Federation, the #RUSNANO School League program is a permanent participant of the NTI #Kruzhok_Movement. The program is one of the key projects for #mentor training.

In Russian Federation, during the #coronavirus pandemic, #eNano opened free access to over 60 online courses on the educational platform. During this promotion event, a total of 9003 visitors got acquainted with the courses offered.