National Nanotechnology Research Strategy

2012 - 2020


Policy Type Strategy
Level National


The vision is for Australia to be a world leader in a Nanotechnology-driven economy that draws on outstanding research and innovation in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and exploits this research for the nation’s benefit. This involves a national approach that supports the entire spectrum of  Nanotechnology development, from fundamental research to developing the mechanisms needed to translate the technology to industry in an effective and timely manner. If this national strategy is put in place, there is potential for Australia to:
• capture more than its per capita share of the projected $3 trillion global revenue for nano-derived products by 2020;
• assist parts of the country’s manufacturing industry to revolutionize their product portfolio;
• bring our research community and industries together with a primary focus: to commercially exploit novel Nanotechnology research;
• assist in bringing diverse discipline areas and different expertise together to help address the most pressing ‘grand challenges’ facing our nation.


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