Safe development! National Action Plan for Safe Use and Management of Nanomaterials

2013 - 2015


Policy Type Plan & Program
Level National
Policy Sector Others
ELSA-HSE Issues Safety


R & D focus Nanosensors for diagnosis and screening
R & D focus Vaccines and Nanomedicine
R & D focus Medical materials
R & D focus Nanocosmeceuticals and encapsulated Thai herbal active ingredients
R & D focus Nutraceuticals based on nanotechnology
R & D focus Nanotechnology for animal health and feeds
R & D focus Controlled release fertilizers, plant nutrients and pesticides
R & D focus Improvement of soil condition and remediation, especially smart soil
R & D focus Nanomaterials for food packaging and preservation (Smart packaging)
R & D focus Nanosensors for agricultural products
R & D focus Nanocatalysis and nanomaterials for energy production, storage and utilization
R & D focus Green manufacturing technology
R & D focus Nanostructure for carbon capture and conversion
R & D focus Nano filtration for drinking water
R & D focus Nanoscale materials for waste water treatment
R & D focus Nanosafety and risk assessment
R & D focus National laboratory network for nanoscale characterization and analysis
R & D focus Nanoscale fabrication and characterization facilities
R & D focus Nanoelectronics
R & D focus Nano functional textiles for advanced applications
R & D focus Emerging technologies