Spotlight on Graphene Research from the Middle East


Jul 20, 2015 12 Pages DOI : 10.22631/sgrme.2015.07 Citation : Kathleen A. L., Spotlight on Graphene Research from the Middle East, StatNano Publications, July 2015


In an extension to the 2011 article “Reviews of Science for Science Librarians: Graphene” (Lehman 2011), this paper seeks to continue exploring the trend of graphene research but limits its focus to the research production of countries in the Middle East. In addition to reporting on the research output of this group of countries, this article will also examine the most prolific Middle Eastern graphene authors,their supporting institutions and funding agencies, the most cited publications from this group, the journals most used for publication of their work, and the general trend in graphene research growth in the Middle East. As with any publication or citation study, there are limits on the data gathered based on the subscriptions available to the author and based on the imperfect nature of database indexing. The author acknowledges these limitations and tries to explain them; she presents the results not so much as exact numbers but as an approximation and an overview of the trends of graphene research in the Middle East.