Usage of Nanotechnology in Manufacturing Home Appliances by Analyzing Patents


Oct 26, 2015 35 Pages DOI : 10.22631/unmha.2015.10 Citation :


Nowadays, with the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology, this technology has acquired a special place in promoting the quality of industrial products in various fields. One of the industries with a direct link to the people’s lives is home appliances industries. Like many other industries, this industry has benefited from the advantages of nanotechnology in order to better the performance of its products in the recent years. In this report, the influence and utilization of nanotechnology in home appliances have been investigated. In this report, it will be analyzed how nanotechnology has affected the industry of producing home appliances (except electronic and flat panel display products) and it will be done by focusing on the activity of the pioneer firms that produce home appliances. To be able to achieve this goal, a list of the patents of the world’s top 25 firms in the field of home appliances have been extracted from Orbit database and after separating and isolating patents within the field of home appliances, statistics and technical analyses were carried out on the usage, the types of home appliances, the types of usage in different parts, machines, the type of nanostructure which have been used, etc.