Global Nanotechnology Products in Textile - Applications and Properties


Feb 1, 2019 32 Pages Citation : StatNano Applied and Industrial Series: Global Nanotechnology Products in Textile (Volume 1), Glasstree Academic Publishing, August 2018
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The present report is devoted to provide a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of the applications of nanotechnology in the textile industrial sector, as a considerable area in which incremental nanotechnology keeps up with growing consumer demands. Except as otherwise specifically referred, the information, analyses, and characterizations available in this publication are produced according to the desk analysis of data recorded in Nanotechnology Products Database (NPD) by 2017.
In the field of the textile industrial sector, NPD monitored 135 manufacturers, the headquarter of which are located in 27 different countries. Various data and analyses are available for 395 recorded products, including brands which are introduced into markets, product properties and applications which are improved by nanotechnology, nanomaterials used in products by country, legal information, and certificates obtained by products. Textile products are generally classified according to the end markets, or their applications. This report is the first issue of applied and industrial series reports that investigates the commercialization of nanotechnology in an industrial sector in each issue.
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