Search String used for retrieving nano related publications and patents


(nano* not nano2 not nano3 not nanog not nanosecond* not nanomol* not nanogram* not nanoplankton* or "atom* scale" or "atomic layer deposition*" or "giant magnetoresist*" or graphen* or dendrimer* or fulleren* or "c-60" or "langmuir blodgett*" or mesopor* or "molecul* assembl*" or "molecul* wire*" or "porous silicon*" or "quantum dot*" or "quantum well*" or "quantum comput*" or "quantum wire*" or qubit* or "self assembl*" or supramolecul* or supermolecul* or "ultrathin film*" or "ultra thin film*")


Reference: M. Maghrebi et al. "A collective and abridged lexical query for delineation of nanotechnology publications" Scientometrics, Vol: 86  2011, 15~25