Nanotechnologies - Guidelines for determining protocols for the explosivity and flammability of powders containing nano-objects (for transport, handling and storage)

Standard Number CEN/TS 17274:2018
Organization European Committee for Standardization European Union
Level Regional
Category Specification
  • DEC 2018 Published
This document provides protocol guidelines for determining explosivity and flammability characteristics of powders containing manufactured nano-objects. These explosivity and flammability characteristics are needed for safety data sheets for safe storage, handling and transport of any powder. In particular, this document will provide protocol guidelines concerning: - the determination of flammability characteristics of powders containing nano-objects with regard to sensitivity to ignition sources; - the ability of a powder containing nano-objects to generate an explosive atmosphere and the assessment of its explosion characteristics. This document is not suitable for use with recognized explosives, such as gunpowder and dynamite, explosives which do not require oxygen for combustion, or substances or mixtures of substances which may under some circumstances behave in a similar manner. Where any doubt exists about the existence of hazard due to explosive properties, it is best to seek expert advice.